When Your Bed Becomes Your Home

bed editedEvery chraintim* knows how important a good sleeping arrangement is. When you spend the majority of your time in bed you end up having this perfect balance of where everything should be. And you know, you just know, when you lay down and something is off. Because if your pillows aren’t in just the right spot and your medication and water bottle aren’t within reach, it can result in disastrous pain. So this post is about when your bed becomes your home.

When your bed becomes your home:

  • You have food, water, medication, iPad/laptop/phone, chargers, headphones, books, extra blankets and pajamas, and pets all within the 54″ by 75″ inch space that is your bed.
  • If even one pillow is out of place, it hurts, badly. But pillows get out of place often when tossing and turning from pain, which of course results in even more pain. And the cycle repeats itself.
  • The rest of your room looks like a bomb went off. Because it is basically just storage. You grab some clothes and shoes out of the piles of clothes you were too exhausted to put away once in a blue moon. I mean, how can anyone expect you to keep your room livable when you live in your bed. And can you even call that living?
  • The phrase “I can’t believe I didn’t leave the house all day!” becomes laughable. You can’t believe you didn’t leave the house? I can’t believe I didn’t leave my bed! Seriously. I didn’t go to the bathroom, I wasn’t hungry. Maybe I should start calling my bed my living area. That might seem less weird when I say I didn’t leave it.
  • Having clean bedding suddenly becomes a want, not a need. I would love for my sheets to smell fresh as daisies, but there is no way in hell I’ll be able to change my entire sheet set without collapsing. I’ve gotten to the point where I only put on my bottom sheet and then just get a blanket to cover me up. That way I only have to change the bottom sheet and grab a new blanket when I just can’t stand the smell anymore. (Oh come on, you know you do it too!)
  • Beautiful artwork and other pretty things on your walls make your day so much brighter. When you spend almost all of your time surrounded by the same four walls, it’s nice if they are at least covered in things that make you happy.
  • You watch Netflix like it’s your job. When you are in horrible pain, sometimes you need something to take your mind off of it. I have basically watched every cop and spy show on Netflix while waiting for my meds to kick in. I’m now watching shows that aren’t even good, just so I’m not thinking about the pain.
  • You get a thrill when your dog/cat jumps up to see you. Yup. My daily thrill comes from a perpetually happy ten pound furry lickaholic. But really, I love my dog. Read about how absolutely amazing she has been through my¬† journey here.

Which one of these do you relate to most? What do you have in your bed that makes life easier? Let me know in the comments below!

*Chraintim is a word I made up that abbreviates the phrase “chronic pain victim”, which I got tired of typing repeatedly. Plus, the word is kind of cool. You should try using it too!

Photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/erinwilliamson/5146405944/”>Sterin</a> / <a href=”http://foter.com”>Foter</a> / <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>CC BY-NC-ND</a>

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