The Best Gift for Someone in the Hospital

gift for hospital graphicI don’t know if all parents have a thing they do when they have a sick child in the hospital, but mine do. My parents always give me stuffed animals. I have one for every time I was in the hospital since I was little. My parents are AWESOME!

It’s one thing to be in the hospital because of a procedure being done or because you went to the ER and they’re dealing with your one time problem. It’s entirely another when you’re admitted for a chronic illness or a chronic illness related procedure, mostly because you never know when you’ll be discharged. It’s always a gamble. With chronic illness, there is chronic pain, and chronic pain is unpredictable and often uncontrollable.

So every time I have gotten that stuffed animal since my chronic pain began five years ago, I’ve been extra grateful. It’s a light in the dim hospital, a soft in the hard machinery, and a happy in a building filled with sickness and death. Also, naming the stuffed animal gives me something to do. My mom and I always give them funny names and this usually involves laughter; something not very common when you’re doubled over in pain in a hospital bed.

Just a few of my many stuffed animals that my parents gave me during hospital stays.

Just a few of my many stuffed animals that my parents gave me during hospital stays.

Plus, my row of stuffed animals serve as a reminder that I have gotten through the very worst of my pain. When I look at them, it gives me hope. They remind me that there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel.

So hats off to you Smokey the Pig, Pooh the Puppy, and Albert the Bear! You have all taken quite the squeezing when my pain was at its worst.

Oh yeah, and thank you to my amazing parents that put them in my life!

What do your parents do for you when you’re in the hospital? Let me know in the comments below!

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