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I’m Back and Better Than Ever!

BetterThanEver Graphic

I baaaaack! *She says in creepy girl in horror movie tone* No, but really, I know I took a little break (or a long three month break; tomato, potato), but Jaw Surgery Pain is back and will posting regularly again. I’m back and better than ever!

The posting schedule will be a little different. Instead of posting Monday and Wednesday, I will now be posting new content on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Some of you may have noticed that the website has been redesigned and that I now have my very own official logo (the big thing at the top of the page that says, thanks to Emily Dawn Designs. A big thank you to my amazingly talented cousin for making it for me. I love it, and hopefully you all do too. If you want to check out more of her work, or possibly even hire her, check out the graphic design, specifically logo/web banner, company at

And now for a little update on me and why I have been out of the blogging business for the past three months.


Six Weeks Post-Op, Sleep Week, and Deaf People

Me at six weeks. Noticeably less swelling.

Me at six weeks. Noticeably less swelling.

Almost six weeks post-op and I haven’t posted for about a week. Let me tell you why.

So after I had my jaw unwired early I was sent to the orthodontist who informed me that after 12 years of braces, two jaw surgeries, and five years of pain my bit still might not fit together. Yes, I was angry, but more than that I just felt sad. I know I’m not dying of cancer and it could be a whole lot worse, but can’t I just catch a fucking break?! Wtf jaw?! Just fit together already! Stop screwing me over! GRRR!

*Takes deep breath.* Anyway, in order to get it as close as possible they are using braces on the back of my teeth and rubber bands to pull my STILL BROKEN jaw into place. And let me tell you, it’s as freaking painful as it sounds. Right now you can actually wiggle the bones in my top jaw, that’s how loose they are.

So because of the pulling and prodding of my bones (which by the way also hurts the broken sinus bones) I have had to take more pain medication than usual. Because of the upped dose of narcotics, I have been asleep for the past week. Yup. That’s my

Had a blast with my mom and twin brothers at the Mission Inn. (The Deaf event was down the street.)

Had a blast with my mom and twin brothers at the Mission Inn. (The Deaf event was down the street.)

entire explanation. It hurt, so I was asleep. (more…)