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I’m Back and Better Than Ever!

BetterThanEver Graphic

I baaaaack! *She says in creepy girl in horror movie tone* No, but really, I know I took a little break (or a long three month break; tomato, potato), but Jaw Surgery Pain is back and will posting regularly again. I’m back and better than ever!

The posting schedule will be a little different. Instead of posting Monday and Wednesday, I will now be posting new content on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Some of you may have noticed that the website has been redesigned and that I now have my very own official logo (the big thing at the top of the page that says, thanks to Emily Dawn Designs. A big thank you to my amazingly talented cousin for making it for me. I love it, and hopefully you all do too. If you want to check out more of her work, or possibly even hire her, check out the graphic design, specifically logo/web banner, company at

And now for a little update on me and why I have been out of the blogging business for the past three months.


When Your Bed Becomes Your Home

bed editedEvery chraintim* knows how important a good sleeping arrangement is. When you spend the majority of your time in bed you end up having this perfect balance of where everything should be. And you know, you just know, when you lay down and something is off. Because if your pillows aren’t in just the right spot and your medication and water bottle aren’t within reach, it can result in disastrous pain. So this post is about when your bed becomes your home.

When your bed becomes your home:


Facts You Might Not Know About Chronic Pain

edited girl yellingI have a variety of readers for this blog. Many of you are chraintims*, some of you have a loved one who suffers from it, then there are those of you who are just checking this blog out and know nothing about chronic pain at all. This post is for all you.

I recently did an informative speech on chronic pain for my public speaking class and I was shocked at how little people actually knew about chronic pain. So this post is purely informative. This is a collection of facts, some well known others more obscure, to teach every reader a little more about a problem that plagues over 100 million Americans, chronic pain.


5 Tips for Understanding People with Chronic Pain

edited pain man*Reminder: I created the word chraintim, which is a combination of the words in the phrase “chronic pain victim”.

Many of you are probably familiar with the saying “Alone, but not lonely”. There are definitely times that you can be all by yourself, but not necessarily long for companionship or understanding. Sometimes we all need a little alone time. But I’d like you to take a moment and imagine months or even years without these privileges. Imagine spending almost all of your time in chronic pain, sleeping and alone. Imagine being in my specific shoes: graduating high school early, being surrounded by people who are not only years older, but also couldn’t possibly understand the kind of stress your body is under. A little different than having some “me” time, isn’t it?

If there is one thing all chraintims understand that other people simply don’t, it is how alone pain can make you feel. Your family members and friends, no matter how much they go through with you, just couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to live your life. And this is very difficult to come to terms with. This has been especially hard for me to cope with since there are not many 15 to 20 year-olds who deal with debilitating pain. Up until I started blogging a few months ago, it never even crossed my mind that there were other chraintims out there who would understand how I feel. It seems ridiculous now, but I felt so isolated and so alone I completely forgot that I’m not the first, and I definitely won’t be the last, person to deal with chronic pain.


The Best Gift for Someone in the Hospital

gift for hospital graphicI don’t know if all parents have a thing they do when they have a sick child in the hospital, but mine do. My parents always give me stuffed animals. I have one for every time I was in the hospital since I was little. My parents are AWESOME!

It’s one thing to be in the hospital because of a procedure being done or because you went to the ER and they’re dealing with your one time problem. It’s entirely another when you’re admitted for a chronic illness or a chronic illness related procedure, mostly because you never know when you’ll be discharged. It’s always a gamble. With chronic illness, there is chronic pain, and chronic pain is unpredictable and often uncontrollable.


3 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

editedcantsleepPeople with chronic pain know it’s not always easy to go to sleep on command. You sleep when your medicine makes you tired and the rest of the time you’re pretty much SOL. Basically, this means chraintims (my abbreviation for chronic pain victims, pronounced CRANE-TIMS) are awake at night, alone, often. Obviously we have to do something to fill that time, although we mostly keep busy to distract us from the pain. Yeah we watch TV and play games on our phones, but sometimes we can’t sleep for hours. So I thought maybe, somewhere, someone might find the weird things I do at night interesting/funny in a weird way, not a haha way.

Philip DeFranco hosting his YouTube show. He also runs That is also entertaining.

Philip DeFranco

The first thing I do is watch YouTube videos. I mostly go for parodies of famous music videos because they are entertaining and funny. However, I recently discovered Philip DeFranco and he is hilarious and has amazing common sense that I feel is severely lacking in the world. It is basically pop culture and hard-hitting news all delivered in an entertaining package. Best part? He posts videos Monday through Thursday, so there is almost always a new video to watch! I highly recommend him the next time any of you can’t sleep. Or, you know, the next time you find yourself awake. Here is a link to one of his latest videos:


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