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More Than Your Circumstances

morethancircumstancesSo I absolutely love inspirational quotes, videos, etc. This means I will probably share a lot of my favorites with all of you. This is one of my new favorites. I was looking for some new quotes and as soon as I read this I started crying. People with chronic pain or people just recovering from surgery know that sometimes you can become wrapped up in feeling bad. You’re in pain, your jaw is messed up; or for others it could be you are in a one parent household, you don’t have a lot of money, you fell ostracized by your peers, etc. Any/all of these situations suck. They make life difficult, maybe seem impossible. (more…)

Champion of Chronic Pain

ChampionThis has been one of my favorite quotes since dealing with chronic pain. There are times when you literally can’t get up and do what you need to do. You’re either throwing up or in too much pain or are just too tired. But those days you get up anyway are the days you are controlling your illness instead of letting it control you. I have literally been taking a final, gone out into the hall and thrown up, then walked right back in and finished it. (My teacher was Deaf so he didn’t know just how badass I was being, but my fellow students did.) So I know the quote is a bit of an oxymoron, but it made a difference in my life during some of my most frustrating days. Hopefully it will help you too.

P.S. This quote has always sort of bugged me because Jack Dempsey seemed to think only men could be champions.  Now I know since Dempsey was a boxer he was most likely referring to his sport when he said this, but there are some kickass female boxers too! So when I saw this photo with a woman next to the quote I loved the metaphorical finger it was giving to his sort of thinking.

Are there any powerful quotes that have helped you during difficult times? Or are there any quotes that piss you off? I’d love to hear and discuss them with you in the comments!

My (Basically) Service Dog

My terrier mix Winnie

My terrier mix Winnie.

You all know what a therapy dog is, right? It’s the golden retriever who acts as eyes for its blind owner. It’s the Corgi who alerts others of its owner’s seizure. Or in my case it’s the terrier mix who offers emotional support, as well as alerting my parents when I need help.

I found my dog Winnie at an adoption event in town. We originally went to get a dog my mother and brother had seen earlier, but when she had already been adopted I started looking around. I’d love to say my eye went right to her and I knew, but that’s not the case. I first saw another dog who looked calm, but when I approached proved to be too hyper for our household. When I turned away, I saw her. She had a long dirty, but beautiful, white blonde coat and was curled up while the other dogs were barking at whoever passed by. (more…)

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