New Year Resolution: What I Will NOT Do in 2015

2015 ResolutionsPeople all over the world make all kinds of resolutions every time a new year rolls around. Most have to do with health and fitness, some with relationships, and a few are about work. What almost all new year resolutions have in common is they are a vow to DO something, which can be pretty damn hard. Actually doing what you say you will is rare and why we value people who are dependable. So this year instead of promising to do something that I won’t actually accomplish, I’m going to tell you what I’m NOT going to do.

Jillian Michaels - Fitness Beast

Jillian Michaels – Fitness Beast

1. I will NOT obsess about weight loss and getting fit. Yeah I’ll eat pretty well and walk on the treadmill, but we all know I’m NOTsss gonna be the one to suddenly loose 50 pounds this year. So why pretend otherwise? All this resolution does is make you feel like a lazy loser when you don’t suddenly turn into Jillian Michaels and become a fitness beast. So I’m saying NO! I’m fine the way I am.

2. I will NOT follow all the rules. A couple of Christmases ago my mom gave me a framed quote that says, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun,” by Katherine Hepburn. Some of you may be thinking this is a lazy resolution that will end up getting me arrested. To you I say you obviously don’t know me. I’m the girl who keeps her hands inside the ride at all times. I’m the girl who yells at her siblings not to use their skating shoes (brand name Heelys for you 90s kids) in the grocery store. I never mixed the colored pencils with crayons in elementary school! My mom recently pointed out that it was sort of silly that I felt guilty for an entire year because I forgot to send a thank you card for a gift a relative sent. You get the picture. So this year I’m gonna break a few rules. (I just started by using improper grammar on the word “gonna”. Oh yeah, I’m badass.)  Katherine Hepburn

3. I will NOT help everybody. See, I have this problem with saying the word no. You need someone to organize an event and I’m overflowing with responsibilities? I’ll do it! A teacher needs help moving furniture and I’m late for an appointment? I’m still your girl. My brother waited until the night before a project was due to start and I have a test for an early morning class? We better get started. Sometimes people have to do shit on their own and that’s okay. I do my shit on my own all the time! *Repeats this over and over until having a panic attack.* Maybe I will NOT say yes once or twice this year; see how that goes.

4. Last, but not least, I will NOT use being sick as an excuse anymore. My life for the past five years has basically been me not doing things because I was sick and in pain. Sometimes this was justified, sometimes not. I’m NOT going to do it anymore. Sure, it sucks going through the withdrawals necessary to get off all of my medication and my jaw hurts because it’s still fractured, but people are dying out there! I am NOT going to waste anymore of my life on pain, sickness, and medication.

What are you NOT going to do this year? Decide and comment below. Trust me, this whole “NOT” thing is super liberating.

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