Do One More Thing, One More Time

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1 MT, 1 MT. This is a motto that paralympic skier, bestselling author, motivational speaker, and YouTube personality Josh Sundquist used to write on his skies to remind him to continue doing one more thing, one more time. I love this motto, and it is something that I think is especially inspirational to the spoonie/chraintim* community. In Sundquist’s words, “One more thing, one more time means doing one more thing than you feel like doing, because successful people are the ones who do one more thing than what everyone else feels like doing.” And everyone wants to be successful at something. Whether you want to be a successful student, successful at your job, or for some of us, we just want to successful at getting out of bed to take a shower. If we push ourselves to do one more thing, one more time, we can all be successful.

At this point you may be thinking, well that’s easy for this guy to say. Actually, it isn’t. Josh Sundquist got cancer and had to have his leg amputated before he was ten years old. His dream of being a professional soccer player was swiftly ended. But he didn’t let that get him down. He learned to be great at another sport, then he decided to help others overcome their struggles, then he wrote two books about his life. If you have never heard of him, please take a look at the video I’ve included in this post, and then check out the rest of his YouTube channel. He is an incredible person who is an inspiration to so many people, including myself.

His motto helped me get through some of my toughest days. When I was sick and tired and in awful pain and didn’t think I could complete my assignment, my class, my degree. I always thought to myself, “One more thing. Just write one more page, study one more note card, watch one more review video.” This past semester I received my associates degree and graduated with honors. I was also chosen to be the student commencement speaker at my ceremony, and can you guess what the theme of my speech was? Yup. One more thing, one more time.

So if you’re ever feeling like there is no way you can go on, no way you can finish, no way you can deal; watch one of Sundquist’s video’s. He my proof that anything is possible. I can overcome my chronic illness and do and be anything I want. How? I’ll just do one more thing, one more time.

What do you think of Sundquist’s motto? Let me know with a comment below!

*Chraintim is a word I made up that abbreviates the phrase “chronic pain victim”, which I got tired of typing repeatedly. Plus, the word is kind of cool. You should try using it too!

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